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We offer one-stop packaging services. Every single service is specifically tailored and you’re carefully supported through each phase of the process, from the initial design of the product to after-sales services which were established by Tombottle to also provide quality feedback.

Your Trusted Liquor Bottles Manufacturer Supplier In China

TomBottle is a professional Liquor Bottles custom design brand jointly established by Hualian Glass and Ruisheng Glass.

A strong parent company provides unlimited possibilities for Tombottle’s production capabilities. Help guide clients in the right direction when developing, redesigning or expanding their brand portfolio. With our extensive packaging knowledge, we can help you achieve the best packaging for your brand in a timely and cost-effective manner using high-quality materials.

Having your Glass bottles OEM/ODM/private label is no longer difficult here.

Explore Your Bespoke Liquor Bottles

We offer glass bottles for different types of alcohol. You will find the best glass bottle for your distilled liquor, fermented liquor, or mixed liquor.

Whisky Bottle

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Vodka Bottle

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Tequila Bottle

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Bottle Cap

wooden heads with synthetic corks, or you can select a fully synthetic plastic head and cork.


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What do we provide for you?

Custom Design

We have a team of professional Glass designers to make your products stand out in the market. At the same time, as an additional value-added service of our company, we do not charge any extra fee.

Glass Liquor Bottels

We have a wide range of products offering glass bottles for different types of alcohol. You'll find the perfect glass bottle for your distil ledliquor or fermented liquor.

Various types of lids

We will provide different types of lids based on your design: aluminum lids, plastic lids, cork stoppers, polymer stoppers, glass lids, etc. Provides your glass liquor bottles with a great seal and a gorgeous appearance.

Customized Packaging

We provide diversified packaging customization, covering various categories, providing you with various wine bottle packaging such as corrugated boxes, paper tubes, color boxes, and exquisite gift boxes to make your brand shine.

Custom printing

We have a complete supporting workshop. Providing customers with various decorations, coatings, screen printing, decals, hot stamping, acid etching, laser etching, precious metals, electroplating, etc.

Mature supply chain

We support complete end-to-end packaging customization solutions, helping all private label importers and online e-commerce brands to create their own unique packaging and establish brand effect.


Customize your bottle, Distinguish your brand.
Make your glass containers stand out from the crowd.

We provide multiple decoration procedures to improve the appearance of your products.

What did our happy clients say?

Our clients love working with us, just read what they have to say!


Our main glass products are in super flint glass, flint glass and brown glass materials, we have 3 own factories, independent design department, which can meet the delivery schedule.

Yes, we provide OEM customization service. Labels, printing services, packaging, color boxes, etc. can be customized.

Yes, we are pleased to offer you a free sample, but you need to pay for the freight cost.

We support low MOQ starting from 6000 pieces. If it is a product we stock, the minimum quantity is one pallet. Please feel free to contact us.

We are a factory with over 40 years of experience. We have 3 production bases and 6 glass kilns. We manufacture various glass products and also supply to trading companies.

Yes, the sample is free and we generally offer 1-6pcs for each item. You just only pay the shipping cost by PayPal, T/T.

Usually, we’ll provide the packaging effect picture with your logo as a reference first. We recommend that customers make special molds and produce samples, so that the design effect can be more intuitively tested.

Customized sample time is about 40 days.
Free samples in stock only take 2-5 days.

Contact us today get a response the same day or tomorrow


OEM/ODM /Private Label
Free Sample for Testing

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